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There are three things to look for when you’re selecting a pickleball net:
  1. Durability, the materials should be high quality and be coated to keep away rust and fading.
  2. Dimensions, USAPA Regulations are 22′ in width, for a total of 20′ of playing area and a 1′ buffer at each pole. With a net height of 36″ at each pole and 34″ at the center.
  3. Portability, the net should be easy to assemble and disassemble and be of a reasonable weight.

Most reasonably priced pickleball nets will get you up and playing fairly quickly. We’ve read over dozens of reviews to find the best nets for your money and compiled them below.

Still, if you’re choosing a pickleball net you should also know that Pickleball Inc has just brought a new, higher quality net to market and it deserves a mention.

Made from recycled high-grade carbon fiber, the Swiftnet is less vulnerable to the elements than traditional steel-poled nets. It seems to be sturdier than the competition too. They’ve also managed to get the weight down to just 14 lbs. About 1/2 the weight of other nets! The downside? It’s almost double the price of other pickleball nets.

If it catches on it could lead to duplicate products down the road and with them a new class of nets. Just as wooden paddles have given way to more exotic materials, we may just see more manufacturers jumping into a new competition for quality.

All this being said, you don’t need an expensive net to play a great game of pickleball.

*Before we lay out our picks we would be remiss to say that you may not need to buy a pickleball net at all.

If you have tennis courts nearby you can just lower the net to 34″ in the center. Amazon offers this net strap for the purpose. Also, take a look at the USAPA Places 2 Play.

This year’s best Amazon picks for portable pickleball nets:

These nets continue to earn top ratings on Amazon so if you do choose to invest in your own set-up take a quick look. All of these nets meet the USAPA regulation size requirements and are well-rated for performance.

*Need a refresher on the game? Read Pickleball Rules Made Easy

Pickleball net
Buckle tension strap

3.0 Net System by Pickleball, Inc.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT – The complete package, including the frame, weighs just 22 lbs
  • Easy set-up – You can snap this frame together in minutes!
  • All Metal Frame- Solid materials, powder coated against rust
  • Sturdy – Wide, molded legs make this a reliable set-up, even on windy days
  • Bonus – Buckle net tension straps and a raised crossbar allow balls to roll underneath

The 3.0 System is the 3rd edition of this popular set by Pickleball, Inc in the past 10 years. This is a name that players trust and reviews on this net are 5 stars.

Net for pickleball

PickleballCentral Rally

  • Auxiliary Ball Holder- Holds eight indoor or outdoor pickleballs for storage. Clips onto the net frame
  • Sleek Black Look- High-quality water-resistant coating with a durable frame. Velcro straps keep net tight. The new, stronger oval post design provides better stability.
  • Gap at Cross Bar- This higher clearance allows balls to be rolled under the net easily.
  • Dependable Tote Bag- Made of durable material that will last for years to come allows easy transport – After a little practice this unpacks and sets up in just 5 minutes.
  • Competitive- Great price compared to PickleNet or USAPA net

These oval posts are well-reviewed and many buyers find them superior to the traditional round poles.

  • Meets professional standards for a pickleball net- You’ll find that this net will be reliable for years to come. Niupipo offers one year support on all its products.
  • High-Quality Materials– Made of extremely tough nylon. This net easily slips on to the steel structure, maintaining proper playing height.
  • Wind resistant– One of the most essential features for any portable outdoor net. The metal tubes are made of durable steel that won’t bend or twist.
  • Easy Set-up– Each Niupipo Pickleball net comes with easy to read assembly instructions, as well as game rules making set-up quick and exact. Once you’ve done it a few times, it takes mere minutes to assemble and disassemble.

“Every hole of this pickleball net is carefully manufactured of the same high standard. They are sturdy, colorfast & resistant to chemical corrosion,” claims Niupipo


  • Unique Durability- This net is made and manufactured in the USA from recycled aerospace carbon fiber. It won’t rust, bend or sag.
  • Lightweight- SwifNet weighs just 14 lbs., this is about half the weight of other portable pickleball nets!
  • Quick Set-Up- Has fewer parts than typical set-ups making assembly faster and less complicated.
  • Stability- Uses a Shock Corded Carbon Fiber Tension Boom and Locking Top Tension Cord.

This is a new eco-friendly product that seems to impress all that own and play on it.

Amazin Aces Portable Pickleball Net

  • Cost-effective- Under $100 for this USAPA standard-sized set-up.
  • Simple Set-Up- Each post is sticker numbered for easy diagram reference. This net will assemble and disassemble in minutes, leaving more time to play.
  • Taut- Includes a tension net strap and center bar to avoid any net sag.
  • Lightweight- Comes with easy to carry tote bag and weighs just 22lbs. Lighter than most more-expensive competitors.

Well reviewed and great for the budget this net is one of the most economical on our list.

Wolfe Sports Portable Pickleball Net

  • Small Company- Wolfe Sports is a family-owned company with a great service reputation.
  • Sag Resistant- Complete with tension straps on both sides of the net.
  • Wheeled Case- Better for your back this high-quality case allows you to roll the net into position before set-up.
  • Sturdy- Button locks on these oval poles keep the net intact even on a windy day.
  • Easy Set-Up- Numbered poles for a quicker assembly.

Users of this net praise the customer service and love the wheels.

A111N Portable Pickleball Net

  • High Quality- Made with PVC rather than nylon or polyester for better durability.
  • Quick assembly- The company provides a YouTube video with set-up instructions.
  • Satisfaction guarantee- 60 day return policy if you’re unhappy with the net for any reason.
  • Sturdy Frame- Metal poles are made to firmly interlock so the net stays upright throughout your game.
  • Taut- Metal bar for stability and tension cords on each side to keep the net in place.

This is another well-reviewed and economical net, remember you don’t have to spend a fortune to play a good game of pickleball!

One common denominator we see with pickleball nets is that reviewers suggest marking your individual pieces for assembly. This is a great idea because it allows even someone unfamiliar with your net to set it up quickly.

You should also note that portable nets, in general, don’t stand up to extreme winds. If you are an avid player ask around at some of your local indoor courts and see if they’re willing to allow time for pickleball. Many YMCA’s now support the game, and local communities are starting to embrace it.

Still, buying a pickleball net is an excellent investment when you fall in love with the sport. We hope this guide helps you decide on the right one for you. If your looking for more equipment check out How to Choose a Pickleball Paddle and The Ultimate Guide to Pickleballs.

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